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Knowledgeable Legal Counsel For Your Family Law Matter

Because family is so important to so many people who reside in the Ozarks, it is not surprising that those facing family law issues would want assistance from a lawyer who handles such cases. Matters of this nature often trigger intense emotions in those involved, making it harder to find a resolution than it otherwise might be.

I am attorney Brian D. Risley and I understand the role these emotions play. I work with my clients to get all of the facts surrounding an issue. In turn, I work to craft an outcome that is favorable to my client. This solution is often reached outside of the courtroom, through communication with the other party. As I have trained as a mediator, I understand the importance of listening to the other side and I am well-positioned to guide my clients through this approach.

Comprehensive Representation For Your Family Law Matter

When it is not possible to reach an agreement with the other side, I am not afraid to take your matter to court. I spend a great amount of time preparing for this so that I can present your case in a manner that positions you well for the outcome you want.

I offer representation to clients in a variety of matters related to family law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Modifications of child custody plans
  • Child support

Family Law Matters Involving Children

For most people, the involvement of children in a family matter makes it particularly important that they secure the outcome they are seeking. In situations where parents are unable to reach an agreement regarding this topic, the court will look to what it deems to be in the best interest of the child. Because the child support order ultimately determined by a court may not leave any parties satisfied, I understand that when possible, it is best to reach an agreement beforehand.

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I know that family law matters can be highly charged and I aim to keep those emotions to a minimum by taking steps to take control of the matter early on. To learn more about the family law services my law firm — Law Office of Brian D. Risley — provides residents of the Springfield, Missouri, area, call us at 417-413-1030, or contact us online.


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