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Defending Against State And Federal Criminal Charges

The end result of a criminal allegation can severely impact the life of the person facing the criminal charge. I understand how severe the penalties for a conviction can be and represent residents of Springfield, Missouri, who are in this situation. When you come to me for criminal defense representation, I will work to secure the best possible outcome.

In doing this I use the knowledge I have accrued in the 16 years I have been practicing. During my time as a public defender and prosecutor I developed knowledge of the criminal justice system that can only be learned working in the system day in and day out. While I represent individuals charged with a wide variety of crimes in state court, such as shoplifting, DUI and drug offenses, I primarily handle cases for those charged with federal crimes.

Federal Criminal Charges Demand A Strong Defense

While any criminal charge has the potential to develop into a life-altering conviction, this is particularly true where federal charges are concerned. There are multiple reasons for this, including governmental authorities having the capacity to aggressively pursue convictions and penalties for convictions that are harsher than those at the state level. Because of this it is particularly vital that those facing federal criminal charges — such as for drug offenses or white collar crimes — seek assistance from a criminal defense lawyer.

What constitutes the best criminal defense strategy will depend on the specifics surrounding each situation. Because of the important role evidence plays in both proving as well as disproving criminal allegations, among other things I will initiate an investigation in which I look to see if evidence might be suppressed or law enforcement violated your rights.

Preparation Leads To Results

Though I prepare for trial from the outset, when possible, I will do what I can to secure a satisfactory outcome without going to court. When it is necessary to go to court to resolve a matter, the time and energy I put into preparing for it mean I am ready. Even if your case seems helpless, I can help to minimize the penalties. If you need an attorney, contact my law firm to learn how I may be of assistance to you. Call 417-413-1030.


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