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I take the time to get all the facts so I can craft an approach that will serve you well not only now, but in the future as well.

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I Understand Criminal Defense and Family Law

There are certain matters in life that require the assistance of a lawyer. I understand that and provide legal representation to individuals throughout the Ozarks. Based in Springfield, Missouri, my law firm, the Law Office of Brian D. Risley, helps those who need assistance building a defense against a criminal allegation or resolving a family law matter.

Straightforward Legal Representation

I understand the stress that individuals in need of legal help feel. Being unaware of the process and afraid of the outcome makes it that much worst. I strive to eliminate the unknown by making sure my clients understand what is going on with their case. When talking with my clients I pride myself on being an attorney who uses plain language and always tells the truth.

Providing Guidance In Criminal Defense And Family Law Matters

Being accused of committing a crime is something that not everyone experiences in life. Accordingly, in many situations the accused is not familiar with the criminal justice system. Because I represent people charged with crimes, I am familiar with it and have an understanding of how a criminal law case may be adjudicated. I aggressively represent those facing criminal charges in both state and federal court, to secure the best possible outcome.

For many individuals who are dealing with a family matter in the courts, the stress is overwhelming. I help my clients understand what is at stake in a variety of cases, including divorce and child custody, and the ramifications for pursuing one course of action over another. When possible I seek to resolve these matters outside of the courtroom. When this is not possible, however, I am not afraid to take a case to trial.

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I understand the criminal and civil courts so you don’t have to. Contact my law firm — the Law Office Of Brian D. Risley — at 417-413-1030, to learn how I can help you.

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